Post Covid Nutrition:- Do’s and Doesnt’s in it’s meal?

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Proper nutrition along with proper hydration is very much needed in Post covid patients.

Especially have Indian ayurvedic substances like turmeric , ashvagandha , garlic , amla, ginger to rule out Covid .

Ayurveda Nutrition

Also Chiraita ( Swertia) is also good for immunity and prevents your fever symptoms.

Such things boosts your immunity system .

The only one thing that you have increase is your immune system .

To prevent you from any chronic illness , especially Covid -19.

Fresh and unprocessed foods should be taken in Post Covid Nutrition ?

The covid diet includes :-

Eat whole foods like Fruits , vegetables, nuts and whole grains .

Like unprocessed wheat, maize and oats can be taken .

Also study about :- What is Black Fungus

Avoid fatty substance, oily foods , sugar and excess salt .

Do not overcook the veggies , as it would loose all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Have a balanced meals in Covid throughout the day .

Is hydration important in Post covid Nutrition ?

Yes , as much as food is essential in covid , hydration should never be ignored .

Ideally, 8-10 glass of water should be taken .


In India, these are the times of summer , so you should take lemonade in afternoon .

To make it , add water and 1 spoon of lemon , and add salt, stirr it well and have it .

Should fats and oils be ignored ?

Have groundnut or coconut oil in veggies .

Do not have processed meat.

Opt for low fat milk products , like paneer and Curd.

Avoid fast food like processed food, fast food, snack food, fried food, frozen pizza, pies, cookies, margarines and spreads for proper post covid nutrition.

Add less amount of Salt and Sugar ?

Yes these should be added in minute substances in foods .

Extra of salt and sugar causes alot of diseases.

Avoid eating out .

Check your oxygen level in the morning as well in night in pulse Oxymeter.

Also check your Bp (Blood Pressure) level day and night .

Post covid diet

So these are some does and Dont in diet and nutrition for Covid .

References:- WHO

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