Breathing Exercises to increase your Lung Volumes

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Breathing exercises to improve your lungs capacity

So first of all, these EXERCISES are prescribed the registered cardiopulmonary physiotherapist .

Remember this , because nowadays people have been doing EXERCISES from Youtube which is wrong.

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And might increase the symptoms and signs of the current condition.

These Breathing EXERCISES have been proved to :-

  • increase lung capacity
  • enhance the lung volumes
  • increase the amount of inhaled
    oxygen into the Body .
  • maintain a great ventilation that is the air inhaled or exhaled .

Who all needs to this EXERCISES?

Especially those who have any lungs illness like chronic bronchitis, emphysema and mainly COPD.

Nowadays, Post Covid Patients require such lungs Breathing EXERCISES to improve their condition.

1– Pursed lip Breathing Technique .

This breathing technique, you have to first .

Inhale a deep breath for 2 seconds and .

Then exhale for 3-4 seconds through your mouth while making a pout face .

The expiration should be forcefully outwards through lips .

So this was the first technique .

In this technique, the patient position should be in lying down completely, or .

Mid position which is also called the semi-fowler position .

breathing exercises

2- Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique .

Also called the belly breathing technique .

Patient position should be in semi- fowler position .

In this technique , keep both the hands on the belly .

Use both the hands , and make diaphragm move .

So this was the second breathing technique to make your lungs healthy.

Other technique , used is proning technique .

3- Proning Technique

For this , ask the Patient to lie on the bed on their stomach .

Place 3 pillows on their bed .

One pillow below the head.

Other under the abdomen .

And the next on to beneath the legs .

So these techniques are quite useful in post covid Patients .

Also helps in Copd Patients .

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