Bowstring Test for Lumbar Disc Herniation

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Bowstring test is Basically , a neurodynamics test .

A neural tension test for ruling out Sciatica Or any dural irritation.

Done in patients generally with lumbar disc herniation.

Basically a modified version of SLR TEST.

Also read about:-SLR test.

It is a fast clinical test to diagnose Sciatica.

Other tests are also available for the integrity and ruling out Sciatica.

Technique for bowstring Test:-

Check the alignment of

  • pelvis
  • hip
  • ankle
  • knee

The technique done is very basic.

In this the patient is asked to lie in a supine position.

Asked to keep both the hands backside in internal rotation.

Then perform SLR test.

For that passively flex the hip while maintaining the knee extension upto 70° of hip flexion .

See if there is pain or not.

Then slightly flex the knee upto 20° and the symptoms might gets relieved.

Then compress the popliteal region , to again generate pain in the Sciatic Never pathway.

Purpose of Bowstring Test ?

The purpose of this test ,to find out the problem in neural structures , dural irritation and mainly sciatica.

Evidence of SLUMP Test?

The sensitivity ranges from 80%-90% and has a specificity of about 40%.

For more accurate results, MRI is preferred.

Bowstring Test

Other test are also available for the clinicans amd Physiotherapist to perform on patients.

Precautions of this test :-

So this Bowstring test has to performed with utmost care ..

The neural structures can be comprised if we apply higher force at the popliteal region .

Relevancy of this test?

Very little evidence has been found for this Bowstring test.

In th year, 1990 Super G doll Scientist performed this test over 50 patients with lumbar disc herniation.

So this test, was concluded by about 69% were positive by the Bowstring test.

So basically, the crux is that research and reports suggested that this test is not that much relevant.

But there mechanism Is not completely clear .

So all the articles suggested that this Bowstring test is not relevant but more further studies are required to prove its relevancy.

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