Homan’s Test :- What do you know About this Test ?

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Homan’s test is Basically , done for integrity of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) .

A Positive Homan’s Sign is the presence of other clinical signs and indicators Of DVT.

It is a fast clinical test to diagnose DVT.

Other tests are also available for the integrity and alignment of DVT.

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Other tests like D Dimer test, ultrasonography, multidetector, CT , computed Axial tomography and pulmonary angiography.

Technique for Homan’s Test:-

Check the alignment of

  • pelvis
  • hip
  • ankle
  • knee

The technique done is very basic.

In this knee is extended actively by the patient.

Once the knee has been extended, then ankle is dorsiflexed and then Calf is Squeezed .

Deep calf pain and tenderness may indicate the presence of DVT.

Purpose of Homan’s Test ?

The purpose of this test ,to find out the problem in DVT .

homan's test

Evidence of Homan’s Test?

Passive, abrupt and forced ankle dorsiflexion with slight knee flexion .

It causes mechanical pressure on posterior tibial vein .

For more accurate ultrasonography and venography.


If ankle is dorsiflexed abruptly , then clots might bursts according to surgeons.

So this tests have alot of dangers.

Relevancy of this test?

Not that much evidence has been found for this test.

So basically, the crux is that research and reports suggested that this test is not relevant .

But there mechanism Is not completely clear .

So all the articles suggested that it is not relevant but more further studies are required to prove its relevancy.

Reference :- Physiopedia

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