How Speed’s test is performed in 21st Century?

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Speed’s test is Basically , done for superior labral tears in shoulder joint.

Also this can be done for Bicipital Tendonitis.

Basically the distal biceps tendon attached on to radial tuberosity on radius.


To perform this test, take the patient in supine or sitting position.

Then place ,the shoulder flexion at 90°.

External rotation at shoulder joint.

speed's test

And supination to be performed at arm .

Then the examiner or therapist will apply pressure resistance against the elevated arm .

Now if the pain arises in Distal biceps tendon, then this test is said to be positive.

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Sensitivity and Specificity of this Speed’s test?

Sensitivity of this test is 32% or 0.32.

Specificity of this test is 75% or 0.75.

Common in Yergason’s test :-

Commonly done for bicipital tendonitis. Along with Speed’s test.

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