Secrets About Hamstring Strain That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years.

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Hamstring strain or pull is the most common injury in the sports.Especially in high contact games like football and cricket.

Muscles of hamstring ?

It basically consist of 3 major muscles.



3-Biceps femoris

hamstring strain

Which muscle of hamstring is highly injured?

Especially ,the Biceps femoris of hamstring muscle gets injured very frequently.

How does hamstring strain occur?

Caused by rapid extensive contraction or a violent or harsh stretch of the hamstring muscle.

hamstring pull

Etiology of hamstring strain?

Talking about ,gait cycle.

There are 2 phases – swing and another stance phaseSo in swing phase, in mid swing phase, the hamstring are at greatest length .

Thus creates maximum tension .

Eccentric contraction of hamstring occurs , to reduce hip flexion and knee extension.

Also , according to researchers , imbalance coordination between quadriceps and hamstring muscle , also causes hamstring pull.

Risk factors for hamstring strain ?

1- Old age

2- previous hamstring injury

3-Poor core functioning

4-Strength imbalance

5-previous calf injury

6-Knee injury

7- Tight hip flexors

Symptoms of it?

-loss of function


-decreased range of motion


-weakness in the muscle

Grades of hamstring strain?

Grade 1- Where there is microtear in the hamstring muscles. Generally the Patients complain of stiffness in the posterior side of thigh.

Grade2- Half of the fibers have been teared. Symptoms like swelling, loss of function can be seen .

Grade3- Almost rupture of full fibers of the muscle can be seen Improper gait can be seen .Massive swelling and pain can be seen.

Different types of scales to use for check hamstring injury ?

1- SMFA – The selective functional movement assessment system

2- LEFS- Lower extremity functional scale

3-FASH – Functional Assessment for acute hamstring injuries

4- Visual Analog scale

5- NPRS- Numerical pain rating scale.

Physiotherapy intervention in hamstring strain?

Physiotherapy plays a vital role here .

Especially of grade 1 and grade 2 injury for hamstring injury .

1- Eccentric Exercises

2- Dry needling

3- Deep stripping massage For hamstring rehab part

.Also , static stretching combined with nordic hamstring and icing was also found effective.

4- Kinesiology taping for improving muscle flexibility and thus preventing from further injury.

So this was all about hamstring strain.

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