The Biggest Trends in 6 Minute Walk Test We’ve Seen This Year?

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Purpose of 6 minute walk test ?

6 minute walk test purpose is as follows:-

To assess the sub maximal level of functional capacity and evaluates the response of pulmonary, cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

And also the functional level of motor control, neuromuscular units and muscles of the patient.

To rule out the heart problems and chronic lung diseases.

6 minute walk test

How is this walk test calculated?

It is actually in 30 metres of length.

Marked at every 3 metres.

Have a turnaround point marked with a cone.

Also should be free of obstacles.

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What all equipment is required in this test?

A countdown timer

A mechanical lap counter

Cones for the mark turnaround.

Worksheet to count


Automated electronic defibrillator machine.

When should this test be stopped?

When you are facing such problems,

Chest pain
Intolerable dyspnea
Leg cramps
Staggering gait

When is this test said to be dangered?

First mark 50 meter mark , through out both the cones.

And then walk the distance in 6 minutes.

If the distance walked is less than 200 m ,then you are in a trouble.

Possible,if you have travelled more than 500 meter , then the prognosis is good.

If the distance covered is between 200m and 500m ,then you can continue to exercise with oxygen supplementation.

Most important use of the walk test?

A very important use of this test is to check the oxygen level after this test.
If it falls by more than 4 % – measured by the pulse oximeter , indicates the presence of hypoxia.

Mis-leading information about the the walk test?

The recent misinformation trending on social media is the six-minute walk test which is performed by doctors on COVID patients to further evaluate the condition of heart and lungs.

In a YouTube video hundreds of views claims that “if you clear the six-minute walk test, then you don’t have Coronavirus at all.” This is not true.

Test is recommended for people with mild symptoms to access whether they are likely to develop severe illness or not.

What does the research paper says about this 6MWT?

According to a research paper by International Anesthesia Research Society made available by PubMed (the search engine of the National Library of Medicine) highlights that “the proposed use of modified 6MWT (six-minute walk test) is to identify those among mild and severe cases.

Validation of 6 minute walk test?

This six-minute walk test is a validated clinical test to assess the cardiopulmonary reserve and designed for adults with chronic respiratory disease.

The paper proposes to perform the test on fourth or fifth day of clinical illness based on viral load patterns in mild cases.

Since this test is easy to perform and no external device is needed.

It may be recommended to self-assess our lungs .

Can covid be tested though this walk test?

Responding to this claim,a doctor said that “this test is not to detect the covid, but it is for people who are confirmed covid-19 positive and for risk stratification whether they have mild or severe Coronavirus in their body.”

As we know that most people will recover from covid who have mild covid, but people who have severe stages might need additional care and monitoring as well.

What doctors are saying about 6 minute walk test?

“Doctors are proposing this test on the 4th or 5th day on a person who is confirmed covid-19.

This test can help understand the condition of heart and lungs and whether the person is going to develop severe symptoms are not,” according to a recent study.

Is this 6 minute walk test useful in Covid-19?

A six-minute walk test is a proposed measure to detect who may develop severe symptoms of lungs and heart organs.

Not a diagnostic test for Covid-19.

It is misleading to say that clearing the six-minute walk test can prove that one is free from coronavirus.

Hence, clearing the six-minute walk test can not be taken into consideration for covid19 test.

But ,yes a test for those who have been already covid postive and check whether the symptoms are mild or moderate.

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