Migraine treatment is now very easy and effective :Just read this Blog

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Migraine treatment without taking pills is just as simple as alphabets.

It is a severely debilitating condition and the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

This is the second-leading cause of disability worldwide, and many patients with migraine stop medication because of side effects or ineffectiveness.”

Recognizing its impact on a person’s life is critical.

Mindfulness may be an additional tool that helps treat the total burden of migraine.

Causes of migraine :-

There are a number of migraine triggers, including:

Hormonal changes in women.

Head ache or Migraine



Drinks like alcohol and many other such drinks.

Bright light and sunlight can cause migraine.

Sleep pattern

Unhealth diet.

Clinical symptoms of Migraine ?

Areas like in the eyes, face, or neck causing pain.

Pain types:- can be dull

Headache:- can be acute, frequent, or throbbing


Visual: sensitivity to light, distorted vision, or seeing flashes of sunshine

Whole body: dizziness, light-headedness, or malaise

Sensory: aura or sensitivity to sound

Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting

Very common: irritability, nasal congestion, or scalp tenderness.

Physiological changes in Brain according to a study ?

The study, which was conducted in laboratory mice, found that an abnormal release of glutamate into the extra-cellular space—the area between brain cells—

can spark spreading depolarizations, tsunami-like waves of activity that spread across the brain in migraine and other nervous system disorders.

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Who are more prone to Migraine ?

About twice as many women as men suffer migraine (20% vs 8% to 10%); 85% to 95% of participants in migraine trials “across the board are women,”

In short , females are more prone to Migraine.

Lets see the migraine treatment advancement.

Treatment for Migraine ?

Treatment of migraine include
Pain releiving medications .


And also emergency medication as well.

Exercise and diet play a vital role in such conditions.

Also hydration plays important role.

Your sleep pattern has to be great.

Dramatic Impact’ Of Mindfulness On Migraine
Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) may significantly reduce the negative impact of migraine, new research suggests.

Mindfulness Training Improves Migraine Disability, Well-Being
Standardized training in mindfulness and diminishes the burden of migraine in many dimensions.

MBSR has shown to reduce depression and releive the condition as well.

Cryotherapy also is great option.

Take the cold packs and place under your neck for 5-10 minutes.

Cold therapy

Try These alternative medicine like :-

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Effectiveness of MBSR for Migraine treatment:-

The study highlights the clinical value of MBSR and patient education for migraine prevention “alongside the well-valued, guideline-approved

‘big three’ of behavioral migraine management: biofeedback, CBT [cognitive-behavioral therapy], and relaxation training,”

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