Why Should you try Lemon Honey water for Weight loss

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Lemon honey water for weight bloss is only a good habit once you focus on your daily eating habits and exercising.

You can just loose your weight if you just drink honey lemon water .

A customized meal plan for the whole day and a proper workout regime will definitely reach you goal within a week.

Your main aim should be loose down those fat which have been accumulated.

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When you loose weight, you loose down the muscles and your body water content as well.

But when you loose down your fats , only fat gets shredded.

Lemon honey water in morning ?

Morning is the best time to have lemon honey water.

That is consume this drink on empty stomach, to achieve your goals.

Why should you take lemon honey water in morning?

Best time as said is morning, but when you get up your metabolism is very low.

So to boost up your metabolism , you have this.

Also helps in removing toxic elements from the gut as well.

lemon honey water

How to make lemon honey water?

Take full lemon. Cut it in 2 equal halves.

Take one cup of water .

Add lemon into water.

Then take one tablespoon honey and add in the solution.

Stir it for 30 seconds.

Remember the water should be luke warm .That means the water should be little warm .

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Benefits of adding lemon?

Has anti- inflammatory and anti- oxidant properties. Which can be helpful in reducing weight.

Lemon is rich in vitamin – C as it is a citrus fruit. Also contains essential minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron ,but in minute quantity.

Additional benefits include:-

Promotes heart health

Prevents kidney stones

Improves the digestion.

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Why honey is added?

Honey contains fructose about 38% ,maltose about 7% and glucose and water as well.

Its has a lot of benefits.

Has an anti- bacterial and anti- fungal property.

Boosts up the metabolism of body.

Enhances our immunity system .

Lemon honey water

Calories calculated for lemon honey water?

So this is an approximate calculation of the drink.

Energy- 16 calories
Protein- 0.1g
Carbohydrates- 4g
Fiber- 0.2 g
Fat- 0.1g
Cholesterol- 0
Sodium- 0.3 mg

Why lukewarm water is taken?

It metabolises fat which have been stored.

These metabolised fat generates energy and helps in enhancing the activity.

So before doing any kind of workout or any cardio activity especially in the morning , have this luke warm honey lemon water for weight loss.

But always remember , to consult to a nutritionist or a family doctor before taking it , as you might be diagnosed with any internal disease which may cause problems.

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