Heat vs Ice in Muscle spasm. What to apply?

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Cryotherapy vs heat therapy in injuries?

Heat vs ice in Muscle spasm has a very easy answer to it. Heat and cold therapy also called heat therapy and cryotherapy as well.
Therapy which is used to treat many dysfunction and diseases without any kind of medication. For that ,you just need to know what are the red flags and in which condition they are used . Now in an muscle spams , it is chronic i.e. for long time we should apply heat .

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Heat vs ice in muscle spasm?

heat vs ice
Ice pack

When talking about heat vs ice in muscle spasm . Muscle spasm in involuntary action of muscle leading to contraction of it and thus the joint moves .Causing pain to the underlying structures around it. If it is acute then apply ice and if it is chronic that is for long time , apply heat .

When should ice or heat be applied?

In clear terms , whenever we get any kind of musculo-skeletal injury , or sport injury due to any trauma or muscle spasm , then we should directly ho for cryotherapy . Heat is only advisable when the underlying condition is chronic .

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Acute vs Chronic condition

The condition is termed as acute when the injury occurred is very recent that is within span of 1 week . And not more than that. Chronic termed is used when the condition is very old lets say around 3-6 weeks . So you know have a basic rough idea on what to do.

What are different types of ice that should be used in an injury .

Cryotherapy, it has a variety of things to do.
Like the
Ice pack:- ice contained in the packet.
Either is crushed form , or in the jelly form .
Ice massage technique :– In which icing which the ice pack is done circularly for 5- 10 minutes.
Ice spray :- These medical stores has these ice spray .
Ice bath:– is beneficial for the players after the game where they require cooling effect.
Remember:- One thing to remember that ice should never be applied directly with contact of skin because it lead to ice burn. So wrap it up with some cloth or some insulating material, before applying it.

Red flags in cryotherapy

Red flags like in impaired circulation , urticaria , peripheral vascular disease , hypersensitivity to cold , skin anesthesia, skin diseases . These are some important skin diseases.

Where is ice used?

In conditions like ,

An acute injury
Migraine condition
as well.

Variety in heat therapy in treating muscle spasm?

Sauna belt heat
Sauna Bath

It includes these hot packs , sauna belts ,heat wraps, wax bath, hot towel. These are some available heat therapy. Machines like in Physiotherapy like SWD also comes for deep heating purpose.

Red flags for heat therapy

Includes heat burn , heat rash, heat cramps ,heat exhaustion. Many more condition like dermatitis, open wound , skin sensation impairment.

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