Exercise for face fat loss while eating junk.

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Practically if you see that it is possible that you perform cardio, weight training and taking your healthy meals , then also you can reduce your face fat while having small amount of junks from outside.
Exercise for face fat reduction is as easy as writing alphabet. Yes you heard the topic right. It will mainly include topics like causes of bc face fat , myths regarding face fat loss while eating junk , overloading of food at one time , precautions to it and which exercises are effective for fat reduction.
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exercise for face fat loss


Here we would be talking about fat loss and not weight loss. Both has a hell lot of difference . In short weight loss , includes loss of water, muscle and fatty lipids loss. But fat loss only includes your fat to be lost while having a good water holding capacity and also muscles as well.
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Cardio session for face fat loss:-

exercise for face fat loss
Health is wealth

Cardio session must be included in the routine twice or once a week. That is 4 times a month.

Cardio activities includes running, brisk walking, cycling , jogging , swimming and many more activities.

Studies suggest that doing moderate cardio for 15-20 mins in morning without any good intake , promotes a faster fat loss .

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Myths regarding face fat loss :-

We should be very clear that when we go for fat loss , we not only loose fat from one segment of body . But as a whole ,the body fat percentage gets reduced. And not just face or thighs or hips.

Causes of face fat?

fat causing foods

These causes are known to you internally very well . But then also we will give a whole insight that what causes face fat.

  1. Being overweight or obesity.
  2. High stress due to work.
  3. Not good at maintaining relationships either between friends or family.
  4. Not getting proper 7 hours of sleep.
  5. Bad choices over foods thus causing low energy issues.
  6. Not being confident on yourself regarding business or any other life situations.
  7. Genetic factors

So these were the some causes which already you might be knowing . Are the real causes for face fat loss.

Effect of water on face fat loss:-

effect of drinking on face fat
Water effect

Generally we should keep our body hydrated through out the day.

Studies suggest that drinking water promotes weight loss.

More specifically, drinking water half hour before meal , then taking your calorie – deficit meal will promote your weight loss easily.

It also increases your metabolism. When your metabolism increases you tend to feel more lighter and have immense feeling for your own self.

10 miles Away from refined carbs :-

pasta causing fat
Processed pasta causing fat

Taking those refined carbohydrates like burgers pastas , so called high fibers cookies and cereals as well.

They all are having refined flour or maida which is very harmful .

Contains high amount of salt, sugar which is again harmful. Although mentioned on the packet that it is high in such called proteins , but when tested it is not.

Only focus on your whole carbs like rice , roti as such things which are home made.

These processed foods cause obesity and heart related disorder as well.

Is sleep important for face fat loss:-

sleep is necessary
Sleep is must

Yes it is much needed form of practice , to rest down your whole body .

7-8 hours is a good amount of sleep.
But it does get affected due to anxiety , depression and stress.

Stress hormone , cortisol tends to increase when you get less sleep. So cortisol side effects includes over weight of the whole body , thus causing more problems.

One study found that better sleep tends to weight loss.

Facial Exercise for face fat loss:-

Doing facial exercise like lions pose , holding the pout position of lips, clenching action for your better jaw line .

These exercises strengthens your facial muscles like the masseter, temporalis ,pterygoid and many more such muscles.

It increases your blood flow into these muscles , thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients to it as well.

But more research has to be done regarding these exercises for face fat loss.

Be careful on your sodium intake.

sodium intake
Sodium has a high power for retention of water

Sodium generally leads to bloating and thus leading to puffy fat .

The basic logic is that sodium helps in retention extra water , results in fluid retention.

So watch out your processed foods because these fats have more sodium in it.


Watch your diet and exercise to cut down the fat of your body. Maintaining a good healthy diet and lifestyle is must. Keeping your safe this pandemic and being physically fit is the new trend that has followed. So this was the overall review about exercise for face fat loss. Hope you like. DO Share Your Views, beacuse your views matters the most.

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