Fat loss vs weight loss :How can it be beneficial to you.

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Fat loss vs weight loss, The overall review ?

Fat loss vs weight loss, tell what you have been searching for, fat loss or weight loss.We have all been thinking what kind of difference is this. Is worth for you to know . What are the best tips for loosing fat or weight. Are there any problems while loosing it.Scientifically, which is best one . And I bet you on this that ,your end goal must be it.
There are some things in life that we hope no one is life should get it and be away from it as long as possible. For many of us that is one and only fat .

Science behind fat loss?

Your fat tissue consist of biological molecules called lipids ,compounds of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen that are great for storing energy in their chemical bonds. When these molecules breaks apart they release the energy which are stored in their bonds. We often term this phenomenon as “burning fat”. This burning fat acts as an insulation for your body.

Fat loss vs weight loss
Fat loss vs weight loss

Myths about fat loss?

More than 50% of the respondents think that that when you burn fat, all that mass is simply converted into energy and lost as heat. It’s a common myth regarding fat loss. Also se have studied the law’s of chemistry as well. The basic principles of chemistry is the conservation of mass. This just means that the same amount of material always comes out of a reaction as goes into it. Even if that reaction generates heat, you will get up the same number of each kind of atom that you started with. So, when you break up those lipids in your fat cells and release their energy in the form of elements such as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen in those molecules will still be there afterward.

Fat loss vs weight loss
Myths about fat loss

Who wins between fat loss vs weight loss?

Ideally , talking irrespective of being female or male you should always consult a doctor or a nearby physician before you start any kind of workouts.
Because you might be diagnosed with undiscovered problems and may cause more problems to you .
Talking about fat loss vs weight loss, ideally if you overweight , that is if you are beyond your BMI i.e.overweight you should opt for, weight loss. But if you want to look good and define your muscles well,you should opt for fat loss. So between fat loss vs weight loss, fat loss wins .

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What is weight loss?

Fat loss vs weight loss

Talking about weight loss, it the overall weight loss of the whole body by low intake carbs and fats , alomg with good exercise. Weight loss generally includes your body muscles ,water and body fat to melt upon.

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Muscle loss

Generally when we go for weight loss , muscle loss can be seen as well. Due to any illness, poor nutrition and genetics as well.
You tend to starve in this process .
So protein and carbs do not reach the maintenance calories so as to maintain the weight.
While starving , the under rated component is protein when we do not take it.
Muscle atrophy is generally seen.

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Water loss

Talking about the water loss , whenever we starve or go for weight loss we tend to eat less carbohydrates. So the body does not retain the water capacity when we eat less carb. So have an optimum Carbohydrates and protein everyday.

Recent studies on fat loss?

Biologists researchers at the University of New South Wales recently, did an atom by atom breakdown of where the mass of your fat goes after it’s burned in your body. They found that for ever 10 kilograms of fat that you burn, you have to inhale 29 kilograms of oxygen to metabolize or break down the fat and release its energy and the process of breaking down that much fat produces 28 kilograms of carbon dioxide and 11 kilograms of water. So for each kilogram of body, 80% of it is lost as carbon dioxide that you breathe out. The remaining 20% is lost in the form of water in your urine or sweat, or depending how hard you work out, you will see that the mass in that fat-burning reaction has been conserved.

Remember this whenever you go for fat loss vs weight loss?

So remember that the next time you’re huffing and sweating on a treadmill, or walking your dog, or really doing anything that makes your body call on its energy reserves, you’re basically just eliminating fat through your breath and your skin, but in a good way. Thanks for asking and thanks especially to our lovely viewers who keep these answers coming.
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Frequently asked questions?

What is steady weight loss?

Generally 1-2 pounds per weight in a week , is called a steady weight loss, according to studies. But if you are loosing fat at a very quick rate like 4-5 pounds then there is a problem. You might be loosing water and muscles in this process ,if you are loosing weight at a very high speed.

Can I loose fat instead of weight?

Yes definitely you can melt or crush down upon your fat without loosing an inch of your weight. But for this you have to maintain a strict diet and regular hardcore exercise as well.

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