14 exercises for thigh fat loss without any equipment.

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11+ exercises for thigh fat loss without any equipment?

Exercises for thigh fat can be numerous , but we would tell only those which are proven and applied .
Talking about thigh fat especially , more of females have such kind of fat underneath their thigh when compared to men.
Womens and teenage girls are more prone to it as they experience periods and also menopause , as well.
These activities contribute to their thigh fat.

What causes inner thigh fat?

Especially your diet and your lifestyle causes inner thigh fat.
Processed foods like chips ,coldrinks , burger, fries and unhealthy diet contributes thigh fat.
Less water consumption on daily basis .
Lesser rate of metabolism.
Excess amount of salt intake.
Feels like bloating all the time due to unhealthy lifestyle.
Calories surplus diet is been taken which is more than your maintenance calories.
So these were some causes that cause inner thigh fat.
These are all the red flags for a person who wants to tone and trim down their fats from thigh and also the whole body as well.

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Myth for loosing down thigh fat?

You cannot just loose fat from arm and not hip.
As once you go in calories deficit and perform daily exercise, you tend to loose the whole body fat percentage .
And loose fat from every parts of body and not just one place.

Warm up exercises for thigh fat?

Whenever you start any form of exercises, be it HIIT ,gym workout , weight lifting or any hardcore activity, warm up is a must.
So that the body gets used to that warm temperature , before performing these above activities.

1-Jumping jack exercise.

exercise for thigh fat loss

Keep your feet apart
Keep your hands and arms raised above the shoulder.
As you take out your legs apart , take both the arms up in an synchronised way.
Perform this exercise for thigh fat for 30-45 seconds.

2-Tap knees

Keep both the arms at the waist level anteriorly .
Then take one by one , knees to their respective arms and come back.
Perform this exercise for at least 30-45 seconds.

3- Burpees

As depicted in the picture , 10 repetition before starting off any exercise.
A great fat melting down exercise for thigh fat.

4- Side hop exercise

Stand in an semi-squat position.
And now start hoping from one position to the adjacent position.
Perform this till at least 45 seconds.

List of bodyweight exercises for thigh fat to melt away?

There are hell alot of exercises that you can perform to get rid of thigh fat , but here we will only look on to the proven exercise which people have performed and has gotten results.
And also first we will look at bodyweight exercise for thigh fat.


exercises for thigh fat

Muscles targeted:- Glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.
Perform this exercise by keeping your feet, slight apart and in V shape.
Keep your head and lower back straight while performing it.
Either keep both your arma on pelvis or freely away at shoulder level.
3 sets of 15 repetition each for beginner.
And after weeks , increase your sets as well repetition as well.

2-Side lying leg lift leg and right

exercises for thigh fat

Muscles targeted:- Abductors and anterior region of thigh muscles.
Stay or lie down in side lying position.
Keep one hand on your ear another on the pelvis.
And now take your left leg upwards and right leg remains downwards.
2-3 sets of 10 repetition can be performed.
Then after completing with left leg take your right leg and perform this activity.
Same sets and repetition .

3-Straight Forward and backward lunges

exercises for thigh fat

Muscle targeted :- Quadricpes
As depicted in the picture , perform the recommendated exercise.
First 2 sets of each 10 repetition with right leg first and then left leg .
A great or you can say fast burning fat exercise for thigh fat.

4-Curtsy lunges

exercises for thigh fat
Curtsy Lunges

Muscle targeted:-Iliopsaos and qaudriceps.
A type of backward lunges in which you can to cross your leg and go back and then bend.
Keeping in the mind, the lower back and head being in same line.
Perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetition each.

5-Donkey kicks left and right

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscle targeted:- Glutes and hamstrings.
Lay down in an quadrupole position.
Now start with your left leg and kick the left leg like a donkey keeping right leg on ground.
As depicted in the picture.
4 sets of 10 repetition each would be more than enough.
Then perform it with right leg .

6-Wall Calf raises

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscle targeted:- calf and ankle muscles as well.
Lay beside your wall in such a position that your calf muscles are being targeted.
Standing in a toe position and then slowly going up and down.
Here the pace at which you go up and down is more which matters.
3-4 sets of 15 repetition each is good for beginners .

7- Sumo squats exercise for thigh fat

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscle targeted:- Adductor muscles of thigh.
It mainly fires your adductor compartment muscles like Adductor magnus, longus, brevis , Gracilis and Pectinues.
Stand in a squat position but now keep your feet and leg more apart as depicted in the picture.
3 sets of 10 repetition of each would be great exercise for thigh fat.

8-Sumo squat along with calf raise

Muscle targeted:- Adductors of thigh and cald muscle
Making the exercise more challenging , attain your sumo squats position and now keep both the hands on the wall.
And target your calf, and go up and down.
3 sets of 5 repetition each would do the job.

9-Single leg calf hop left and right

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscle targeted – calf muscles
As depicted in the picture , it is wonderful targeting exercise for your calf muscles.
3 sets of 10 repetition each .
More energy is required for the beginners to do.
So start off with less repetition and then go on to increase it.

10-Fire hydrant left and right

Muscle targeted-Glutes and hamstrings
As depicted in the picture perform it.
Now perform 3 sets of 10 repetition each.

11- Side leg circles clockwise Right and Left

Muscles targeted:- Adductors muscle and quadriceps
Lie down in side – lying position .
Take your left leg up and rotate in clockwise direction.
Then with right leg.
45 seconds each with both the legs.

12- Side leg circles anti clockwise Right and left

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscles targeted:- Adductors and quadriceps as well
Same position as mentioned above.
But rotate in an anti- clockwise direction.
Same duration of 45 seconds.

13- Wall sit exercise for thigh fat

exercises for thigh fat
exercises for thigh fat

Muscles targeted:- Quadriceps , hamstrings , glutes and erector spinae muscle of lower back.
Sit besides the wall like sitting in a chair position.
All you have to do is take support of your back and lay on wall.
Maintain this position for 30 – 45 seconds.

14-Bottom leg lift Right and left

exercises for thigh fat

Muscles targeted:- Adductor compartment and quadriceps muscle
Lie down as mentioned above in the picture.
3 sets of 10 repetition each.
More energy required for this energy.

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Stretching exercises for thigh fat .

After doing resistance training or bodyweight training, you should perform cool down exercise followed by stretching regime .
In normal cool downs you can perform some slow walking or slow movements of the joint.
Stretching is the key factor for a good range of motion of joint, flexibility and mobility of joint as well.
Muscles and ligaments quite become stiff so stretching becomes hell important.

1- Knee to chest stretch

exercises for thigh fat

Lie down in an supine position and take your knee to your chest.
Hold it for 15- 30 seconds.

2- Wall calf stretch

exercises for thigh fat

Stretch your calf muscles using the wall.
Do as the picture says .
Hold it for 15-20 seconds .

3- Standing quadriceps stretch

exercises for thigh fat

Stretch your quadriceps as depicted above.
Hold it for 30 seconds.

4- Glutes stretch

Lie down and do as the picture says.
Hold it for 30 seconds for a good gentle stretch.

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Additional tips to loose out thigh fat easily and fast?

Along with the above mentioned exercise , you can opt for aerobic exercise and HIIT , zumba and low intensity as well.
Cut down fat by removing all the processed food from outside.
Eat more off high protein and less carbs and fat in your diet for initial days.
Once you cut down your fat , at a good rate , be on your maintenance calories diet for muscle toning and strengthening as well.
You can include the body weight training with skipping, jogging and cycling as well.
But try keeping you cardio sessions few and increase your resistance training.

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Frequently asked questions?

Best exercise for Thighs?

Probably the best exercise according to me is Variety of squats and lunges that you can perform with your bodyweight .You can go for resistance dumbbell exercise while performing squats and lunges.

How to reduce thigh fat drastically?

It can only be possible with a calorie deficit diet along with resisted exercise including warm ups and stretching exercise. But if our diabetic or diagnosed with any condition, you should always consult your physician or family doctor before starting out a new exercise regime.

How to lose inner thigh fat overnight?

There is no rocket science here. You can only loose thigh fat by your diet and your workout regime. But depending upon your metabolism , you can drastically loose down your fat . Also depends person to person from age, variety and gender as well. Talking about males, they have male hormone called testosterone , which give’s more toner amount of muscles and great hypertrophy muscles when compared to females.

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