Muscle spasm in trapezius ;Causes ,Symptoms,Treatment via physiotherapy.

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Muscle spasm in trapezius , can be generally seen in people who are at desk job or having a sedentary lifestyle.
Also called the muscle cramps.

Trapezius muscle anatomy and action?

Talking about trapezius muscle ,it is a large triangular muscle present in the posterior upper back region. Present in the neck and thorax muscle.It is trapezoid in nature. Hence its name is trapezius.

Muscle spasm in trapezius
Muscle anatomy of trapezius muscle.


The superior fibre originates from superior nuchal line and external occipital protuberance.
The medial fibers originates from spinous process of C1 -C6 vertebrae .
The inferior fibres originates from spinous process and the supraspinous ligaments of vertebrae T4-T12.


Superior fibre inserts on to lateral 1/3 th of clavicle .
Medial fibres attaches on to the superior crest of spine of scapula.
Inferior fibers attaches on to medial end of scapular spine.

Nerve supply

Motor supply:-accessory nerve
Sensory supply:-ventral rami of spinal nerves C3-C4.

Action of trapezius.

Retraction of scapula, extension of neck, elevates pectoral girdle,depresses shoulder .
Helps in scapulohumeral rhythm.
Thoracic region movements as well.

What is muscle spasm ?

It is an underlying condition in which the muscle involuntary contracts without the persons choice.
Or is not able to relax.
It can occur for 15 minutes or else it can last for a day but a break in between as well.
Or it can occur one after the another.

How does a muscle spasm feel to the patient?

Talking about the intesity, it can be mild or even sever depending upon the underlying cause and condition of the patient.
When touched by someone else, it feels like it is hard or you can say stiff as well.

Who can get a muscle spasm in trapezius ?

Those who are at desk job, sitting all day at one place.
Due to this covid , work from home is been adapted and people have become more lazy.
Most of them have lost their jobs and due to it they hve developed mental stress or trauma as well.
Depression is also been seen in children and teenagers as well.
These all contribute towards a unhealthy lifestyle and thus causing muscle spasm.

Who are at more risk of developing muscle spasm?

All most of all age can develop these muscle spasm.
But generally the old age who are above 65 years can develop it.
Endurance atheletes like marathon runner, cyclists can develop too muscle spasm.

The main cause behind muscle spasm in trapezius?

There are many causes which contributes towards having muscle spasm.Insufficient stretching muscles before workout or any other physical activities.

muscle trapezius fatigue to over training.

loss of electrolytes from body due to overtraining in summers or heat season.

dehyadration can also cause.

Electrolyte imbalance in body chemicals like potassium (K) , calcium(Ca) amd magnesium (Mg).

Common muscles in body where muscle spasm can occur:-

It can occur in each and every muscles of the body.
But they generally affect:-
-intercoastal muscles located near the ribs.
-So these are the most common regions where muscle spasm can occur.

Symptoms of muscle spasm in trapezius?

Muscle spasm can or cannot be painful , depending upon the condition.
It feels like muscle is moving without any kind of signal and then automatically stops.
Sometimes the whole muscle is being contracted and leads to more pain.
The general symptoms are as follows:-
-weakness in the muscle or group of muscle
-numbness seen.
-less neuromuscular coordination.
-sleep issues
-reduced range of motion of that joint where the muscles are affected.
-affected posture due to it
-sever discomfort
-skin discoloration in some of the conditions.

So these were some symptoms of underlying disease of muscle spasm.

Treatment of muscle spasm for trapezius.

-For an individual or an patient it is great to go to the physical therapist or the Physiotherapist nearest to you for the best treatment.
-Talking about the treatment protocol.
-There are many treatments to it.
-You can gently stretch that area of concerned region when there is muscle spasm.
-Apply ice to that region if it is found to be tender .
-You can also heat for proper circulation of blood to that region.

Manual Physiotherapy for muscle spasm in Trapezius.

Muscle spasm in trapezius
Sponge ball releasing Trapezius stiffness.

Cupping therapy.

You can apply cups to that muscle area . And then apply suction force about 1-2 times the pressure gun. And Leave there for about 15 -20 minutes depending upon the condition.

Dry needling technique.

Generally trigger points can be formed , which when touched leads to more pain. It is symptomatically called tenderness also.
To release it you can apply the dry needles to the trigger points formed and leave it for around 7-8 minutes.
You can also surge the dry needles as well, for a good amount of time.

CFM (Cross frictional massage)

Massage or soft tissue manipulation is a technique in which the targeted muscle area is massaged.
Using the dominant hand 2 fingers gently for about 5 minutes.
This force is applied across the muscle fibers.

And the alignment of muscle and its fibers across the joint and body part as well.

Studies have found that it is quite beneficial for a patient or the affected person to get quick releif.

Modalities of Physiotherapy?

You can also apply ultrasound to the region for soft tissue healing.
But more research has to be done.
For pain reduction , tens and ift can also be applied.
But it mainly depends upon the situation.

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Frequently asked questions related to muscle spasm?

What is Trapezius Myalgia?

The condition in which trapezius muscle becomes stiff ,reduced range of activity, sometimes swelling and also tightness as well.

What causes trapezius muscle spasm?

As it is mentioned above , what can cause muscle spasm in trapezius muscle. Other reasons could be less amount of blood flow to that region. More amount of stressed developed into that region causing muscle spasm.

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