Ten Unexpected Ways Curry Leaves Can Make Your Life Better.

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Small introduction about Curry leaves

Curry leaves has a lot of benefits but also has side effects as well.

Also called kadhi patta in native places in India .

Talking about the aromatic and fragnant curry flower leaves are the leaves ,
Which is found in almost every Indian dish.

Also called Karivepallai,karivembu and karivepaku, in Indian native language.

Curry leaves

Named as Murraya koenigii scientifically.

Order is Sapindales.

Higher classification is Murraya.

Comes from the family of Rutaceae.

So this was whole botanical history.

Curry leaves tree is an asiatic origin.

Means commonly found in Asia.

But also found in America country.

Ayurveda and medicine also favours this type of leaves in one’s diet.

It is also called the sweet neem .

Because it contains all the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties same as the neem leaves does.


Curry leaves is an Asiatic origin , also called as kadi patta. Has alot of benefits as mentioned above. has all the same properties like the neem , hence termed as sweet neem.

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Chemical composition of curry leaves.

Contains good amount of oxygenated monoterpenes.


Contains a good amount of carbazole compounds as well.

Full of carbohydrates, all the essential vitamins like vitamin b ,a , c and d as well.

Contains fibers, calcium and phosphorus as well.

But in a very less amount.

Iron and folic acid have been tested to be present in curry leaves.


It contains carbazole alkalloids compounds and also traces of oxygenated monoterpens in as well.Thus hold the property of detoxification. Iron and folic acid play a very vital role here.

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Side effects of curry leaves.

Although there is not much significant side effects.

But yes one might be allergic to it.

curry leaves
Curry leaves side effects

Might cause nausea and vomiting too.

Very big no for the pregnant women out there.

And also toddlers and breast feeding women out there is highly prohibited.

Causes acidity in some patients too.

Depending upon their ph level of gut .

So always consult a doctor if you have the above given problems in you.


It can be dangerous for a acidity patients and also for pregnant women as well. Like nausea, stomach upset can be a general side effect of a normal person. So always consult your doctor.

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Benefits of curry leaves ?

There a hell lot of benefits of curry leaves but we are going to discuss only the important ones here.

1-Weight loss.

As the chemical composition of curry leaves contains such oxygenated monoterpenes and carbazole alkaloids compounds , helps in detoxification of body.
It can be added in your meals .
You can eat it in the morning on empty stomach.
Add in your salad to give a bit of tingy flavour.
You can put it in the spices and mix well along with it and make your curry.
For loosing down weight , take a proper diet and exercise 4-5 times a week .

2-Aids in treating diarrhoea and constipation.

Add the curry leaves along with warm water or buttermilk.
Or else eat in fresh on an empty stomach.
Studies suggest that it helps in enhancing the gut enzymes and bowel movements too.

3-Curry leaves with turmeric(haldi)

Grind this paste and apply to your wound for amazing benefits.
Add this in your meals and diets.
It is believed in ayurveda that these combinations can eliminate almost every problem.
Turmeric is said to have also anti-inflammatory properties.
So combining the same properties will increase the healing power of body.

4-Lowers your bad cholesterol

Curry leaves as said before, is rich in antioxidants .
Helps in lowering your bad cholesterol i.eLDL (low density lipoprotein)
Again due to presence of carbazole alkaloids compounds and these oxygenated monoterpenes.

5-Removing the unnecessary bacteria inside the body.

As we know that the curry leaves has detoxifying property in it .
It helps in eleminating the bad bacteria out of the gut.
Eat in along with lukewarm water in the morning.

Curry leaves

Due to the presence of carbazole alkaloids component , it has the following properties.Like,
It has anti-inflammatory ,anti-fungal , anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
Studies have found that it has anti-cancer properties as well.

6-Good sign for diabetic patients:-

Studies have been found that it helps in lowering blood glucose levels.
Probably beacuse it contains copper, iron, calcium , folic acid and zinc in it.
But more studies have to be done in order for a good statistical studies and a great reference as well.

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7-Improvement in Eyesight

As it contains good amount of vitamin A it improves our eyesight.
Also prevents us from the early stages of cataract too.
So thus helps in improving our eyesight .
And prevents our vision too.

8-Heals wounds and burns

Carbazole alkaloids compounds being about anti -inflammatory properties in curry leaves.
Grind it along with some onion and haldi (turmeric) and apply on the wound.
Leave it the whole night and see amazing results.
Within 1-2 days the wound get releived and gets cured too.
Include it in your diet for more beneficial effects.
These compounds fastens up the process of healing .
In earlier days , it was also used to treat 1 degree burns as well.

9- Promotes Hair growth.

Studies have found that it stimulates the hair growth .
Helps in promoting a good hair.
Prevents from an itchy scalp and retains the moisture as well in the scalp.
For the hairs to grow , the condition of scalp must be good , so it helps in removing dandruff as well.
Take the leaves , grind it along with lemon and apply it on the hair for about20 -30 minutes.
See the results , you will be shocked .
That it also prevents the hair from becoming grey .
And some article suggest that it reverses the grey colour of hair.
But always consult the doctor or your physician before applying it.

10-Reduces stress.

All those living in suburban cities develop stress due to many cited reasons.
But to stop it , you can use curry leaves as well.
Add 1 spoon of ajvain and oil along with the curry leaves and heat it.
Smell the beautiful scent of it .
And thus helps in removing the stress.

11-Improves the memory too .

It helps in improving our memory.
But more research and studies have to be done related to this subtopic.

Kadi patta /curry leaves Indian recipes:-

Add it your beans curry.
Add it your ghee and then add the egg curry . And taste it.
Add it in the lemon rice and see that tingy flavour along with it.
Give a good tadka with dal and have it.
Add it your oil and make achaar out of it.

Faq’s :-Frequently asked questions:-?

How many curry leaves you can eat in a day?

You should eat approximately 8-10 leaves in a day. Eating empty stomach would give you more positive benefits. You can boil them with water and have that boiled water, along with lemon water and honey .so it is included in benefits of curry leaves.

What happens if you eat it everyday?

Nothing will happen as it aids weight loss and lowers you lDl{low density lipoproteins} .It contains iron,folic acid and carbazole compounds. But if you have any side effects, kindly go and consult doctor.

What is curry leaves good for?

It is good for you skin, glucose level, cholesterol and hair as well. Also promotes your heart health and also vital organs like liver and stomach{gut} as well.

Does curry leaves increases your immunity?

Yes it enhances you immunity level. As it contains all the important vitamins and also other essential complexes such as iron and calcium and also folic acid.So including it your daily diet ,Strengthen your immunity.

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