Neurobion Forte Side Effects will blow away your mind.

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Neurobion forte small description ?

Talking about Neurobion Forte ,Although has benefits but also a side effects as well.

It is actually a drug or you can say a medicine.

It can easily be taken by OTC (over the counter).

Otc means that it can be taken without the doctors permission.

As it contains mainly vitamin B , so yes it is water soluble.

Which means it is excreted through urine.

That means it can be purchased from any medical centre or a nursing care shop.
It is taken orally or through injection.

Talking about Vitamin B , there are 8 essential vitamin B that is present in this neurobion forte.

Neurobion forte tablet consists of?

Vitamin B1 also called as thiamine or mono nitrate.

Consist of about 10 mg of Vitamin B1.

10 mg of Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) in it.

Nicotinamide also called Vitamin B3 consist of about 45mg.

Vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride) contains nearly about 3-4 mg.

Cyanacobalamin(Vitamin B12) is present nearly about 15 mg .

Talking about Calcium Panthothenate is nearly about 50 mg.

These are all the important constituents of it.

There are also other constituents as well .

But for now these are the main ingredients of it.

What does Neurobion forte injection consist of?

It contains like

-cyanocobalamin/methylcobalamim-1000 mcg
-Nicotinamide-100 mg
-thiamine-100 mg
-riboflavin -5 mg
-panthenol-50 mg

These are all the constituents present in an injection.

So if you are scared of taking it as a tablet you can take this neurobion in the form of tablet.

But of needed in emergency it has to be taken in the form of injection.

Price of Neurobion forte injection?

In India it comes around 13 rupees .

But it can vary going up till 11 rupees.

As well , when there is a discount in it.

Taking Neurobion forte as a injection?

As of now , the medical team does not all you to take such injections.

Until it is advised .

So, yes neurobion forte can have side effects to your body if it is not sterilized properly.

Generally the injection is stored at room temperature about 30 degree celcius.

Or you have been diagnosed with any chronic kidney disease.

According to a study , Neurobion Rf forte injection is permitted to use for kidney patients.

But research has to be done more over it.

And yes more research will progress out of it.

Can it be taken everyday?

Yes it can be taken daily.

But only one tablet in 1 day.

That too swallow along with water and no other solvent.

It should be taken in morning or night?

Yes it should be taken in morning.

As if taken in night it might cause problems like insomnia.

But if taken in morning it can be very beneficial.

Because it helps in boosting energy and also mood for a perfect day to start.

And it should be taken only when you have breakfast or any morning meal.

How to take Neurobion forte tablet ?

Take 1 tablet in a day along with water.

As it is water soluble.

Swallow the tablet and it starts its function after sometime .

Who requires Neurobion forte supplements?

Generally women are in a high demand as compared to men.

It should be required to those who are
-above the age of 50
-who are pregnant
-who have low levels of vitamin B in their body.

-those who are on a strict vegan diet or no meat diet.

-those who take other supplements and due to which the vitamin B levels are reduced .

So these are the people who are in a much need of such drugs.

Taking Neurobion forte as a Multivitamin ?

Yes you heard it right .

It can be taken for a Multivitamin purpose.

For all those who have their less vitamin B through diet, it can be taken as multivitamin.

As it contains all the 8 essential components of vitamin B .

Along with that it also contains calcium as well.

According to a study, the calcium levels of a women aged 40 years is decreased.

So you can think of taking this.

But do consult a doctor for it as well.

It can be taken as the B multivitamin.

Benefits of taking Neurobion forte?

In basic launguage it helps eradicating vitamin B deficiency’s problem.

-helps in increasing overall body function.

-helps in maintaining a good Vitamin B level in our blood.

-improving our metabolism.

-helps in strengthening of our immune system as well.

-prevents us from any nerve related disorder or any neuropathy.

-Others benefits are like it helps in increasing the health of our skin , hair and nails as well .

-In increasing the organs function and also blood regulation.

Overall boosting the body function to enhance our day to day life activity.

Preventions of many diseases by Neurobion Forte ?

As the subheading suggests it prevents us from many diseases and dysfunction as well.
-Atrophic gastritis
-Pernicious Anemia
-Celiac disease
-liver problems
-kidney dysfunction
-heart failure
-fatigue or weakness

These all disease can be prevented if you have already taking your vitamin B supplements either through your diet or through your external Supplements.

Side effects of Neurobion forte?

Talking about side effects, it can be dangerous as well.
If taken in excess or you might have ny other complications as well.
So its better to consult your doctor before taking this.
But what all side effects could be there.
-excessive urination
-nerve damage
-allergies on skin
-swelling over the lips, toungue, mouth and face.
-Upset stomach

So these all could be the possible side effects of neurobion forte.

There could as many side effects as well.

So better be safe .

Alternative of Neurobion forte ?

As it is a drug , it is not that good for your gut health , unless and untill you dont have time to care of yourself.

But if you have have you naturally eat fruits and veggies to have those good amount of vitamin B .

Animal sources like eggs , poultry , chicken , meat contains good amount of vitamin B12

Natural oils like coconut oil also contains good amount of vitamin b in it.

Milk, fish as well contains good amount of vitamin b.

Natural sources like wheat, grains , bajra also contains.

Legumes and beans as well.

Veggies like Spinach and Broccolli also has a good amount of vitamin B in it.

It is present in cereals as well.

So start including it and be free from drugs or tablets.

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