7 Proven Best Home Exercise To Do For Diabetes

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7 Proven Best Home Exercise To Do For Diabetes:-

Here, You will get the 7 BEST Proven Exercises that can be performed effortlessly anywhere , anyplace if you are Diagnosed with DIABETES.


Effect of exercise on Diabetes:-

-Exercise improves the Blood Glucose control In Type 2 Diabetes.

-Reduces the cardiovascular risk Factors i.e. all the problems related to heart gets reduced .

-Helps in loosing that extra weight ,thus helps in decreasing obesity.


-It lowers the blood Glucose level.

-Boosts the body system to increase the production of INSULIN.

-Decreases the bad LDL[bad cholesterol.]

-Increases the HDL[good cholesterol].

-Helps in Boosting Confidence and overall energy.

Stress and Anxiety are also reduced .

Muscles strength and its conditioning increases day by day.

Safety Advice And Precaution

-First Go and Consult a Physician , Diabetologist Before Performing such exercises.

-Wear a form of ID, which identifies you as having diabetes, particularly

if you are exercising alone so that others may help you appropriately in the event something unexpected happens.

-Always carry a fast-acting carbohydrate food such as glucose tablets when exercising.

Safety Is Must.

-You may be advised to lower your medication on days you exercise if your blood sugar levels are well-controlled 

-People Diagnosed with heart problems Should first consult a Doctor.

-As most exercise is done standing up, it is important to ensure that you are wearing adequate footwear.

-Buy shoes which are well-made for the type of exercise you do and which fit you.

-Consult a shoe retailer who specializes in exercise foot wear.

List Of 7 Exercises and Precaution While Doing The Exercise:-

1-Walking Inside the House

-You can Just Walk At a moderate speed inside your house .

-For about a 10-15 minutes .

Precautions-Maintain A Proper Spine Curvature As Well As Gait Cycle.

– The typical walk consists of a repeated gait cycle.

The cycle itself contains two phases – a stance phase and a swing phase.



-Do A Basic Skipping For 5-7 Minutes.

-Although , It takes Time to Learn But once done it is very effectful.

-Precautions- Keep the neck and

Lower back curvature erect while performing it.

-It is one of the best Cardio .

-It increases the heart Beat very quick.

So Always Consult a Diabetologist Before Performing it.

3-Jumping Jacks:-

-So this is how you will do the Jumping Jacks.

-For 7-9 minutes.2 sets for 10 repetition each.

Precautions:-Maintain a proper Gap between your 2 legs and arms wide apart.

-It increases your heart rate,

stimulating blood flow to a variety of muscle groups throughout your body.

4-High knees:-

-Its a basic cardio intensive standing exercise.

-For about 4-5 minutes.

-Just a coordinated movement between your arms and legs.

Precautions-Knee should come up till the level of upper part of Hip.

5-Wall Push-Ups:-

-A very Basic Exercise that can be done for 6-7 minutes . 3 sets of 5 repetition

-It targets the Triceps muscle,Pectoralis Muscle along with upper back muscles as well.

-A very good Strengthening Exercise For Upper Body.

Precautions:-Maintain A proper eye level ,

that means fixing your neck properly while performing it.


-A very basic Strengthening exercise.

-It could be performed for about 3 sets for 10 repitions each.

Precautions-Abs engaged,Toes pointing Forward

and Keeping Your back Straight.


-Its basically an Abs Core strengthening exercise.

-You can do it for 30 seconds that too for 2-3 times .

-Helps in reducing Belly fat as well.

Precaution-Abs Tight,Proper posture of neck while looking forward

,Lowerback Posture should be correct.


-Physical activity and exercise should be recommended to all individuals as part of management of glycemic control and overall health.

-Specific recommendations and precautions will vary by the type of diabetes, age, activity done, .

-Recommendations should be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

-In addition to engaging in regular physical activity,

– all adults should be encouraged to decrease the total amount of daily sedentary time

-And to break up sitting time with frequent bouts of activity.

-Finally, behavior-change strategies can be used to promote the adoption and maintenance of lifetime physical activity.

Changes in body while exercising :-

– During Exercise, the Insulin Sensitivity increases.

-The glucose uptake by muscle increases by 7- 20 times during exercise.

-This is important because if exercise was associated with an increase in insulin,

-The plasma glucose would be taken up into all tissues (including adipose tissue) at a

-Faster rate, leading to an immediate hypoglycemia.

– Adipose tissue fatty acid release would also be lower and fatty acids couldn’t be used as a fuel.

-Lower concentration of insulin during exercise favors the mobilisation of glucose from the liver

– and makes blood glucose homeostasis possible.

-The American Diabetes Association recommends about 150 minutes of moderate exercise or,

– 75 minutes of rigorous exercise weekly.

-According to a study, it is suggested to that after the Diabetes Diet taken ,

-You should do exercise , as it directly effects the blood glucose level

-And lower the risk of complications of diabetes and also heart disease.

Type of Alternative Training

-You can also do the alternative exercises from above mentioned one.

-You can include

Aerobic exercise:-

A form of Basic Cardio .

It includes such as swimming, running , brisk walking.

Resistance Band exercise:-

-Different colour bands come in which resistance if fixed .

-And then done as a dumbell exercises.

-They are the physical exercises which increase your –

Strength, Durability and Endurance.

-Weight lifting:-

Weight Lifting

It means lifting weight of low weights intially then goes on to heavy weights.


-A kind of workout in which our own body weight is used as resistance .

-A very great exercise for the beginners.

-In the end of such exercises you can include yoga .

-And Post stretching must be including for flexibility

– and proper range of motion of joint.


Low impact ,easy , good for strength and stamina and a fun way to get fit.

-And also time efficient as well.

-improved joint mobility

-Improved Coordination

-Strengthened Muscles.


-A Sports water activity.

-Helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart And lungs

– tones muscles and builds strength.

-Helps in Venous Drainage flow.

-So these were some Alternative Exercises to be performed instead of those 7 home exercises.

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