Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes

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Yes, you heard the topic right.It is Quite Prevalent these days and here you will get the appropriate information about it.

Mainly, Here we would be discussing all the following points:

-What is Jaggery ?

-Glycaemic Index ?

-Blood Glucose Level in Diabetes ?

-Do’s and Dont’s in Diabetes ?

So here you will all get to know about these many things in the article.

What is Jaggery ?

Sugarcane being melted down to form gur

Jaggery or also known as gur,in hindi is an type of natural sweet .

-It is basically Gathered from the remains after sugarcane is being boiled.

-Sugarcane is boiled at 100 degree celcius in huge,large vessels untill it is converted into the black remains.

-Then it is cooled down for about 2-3 days .

-After that it is formed and made in oval shape through the hands .

-And then served .

Beneficial effects of Jaggery for Non-Diabetic Person ?

-Improve the Gut’s digestion

-Helps in treating Cold like Symptoms

-Improves the Immunity System

-Helps to Purify Blood.

-Maintains the Body temperature.-i.e.Homestatic condition

-Helps in controlling Blood Pressure

-A very Centric Cause for Production of Energy.

-Helps in glowing skin.

-Prevents Anemia as well.

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Glycaemic Index ?

-In simple terms it means that the blood glucose level whenever a carbohydrate food is taken.

Glycaemic Index Range

Low GI1-55
Medium GI56-69
High GIMore than 70

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Blood Glucose level for Diabetes

-Basically the Blood glucose level is taken as a reference to know whether the person is diabetic or not.

-Following you get a table to know the values of it , presented in chart.

Fasting2hrs post Meal
Normal70-90 mg/dl<140 mg/dl
Pre-Diabetes100-125mg/dl140-199 mg/dl
Diabetes>126 mg/dl>200 mg/dl

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Do’s and Dont’s in Diabetes


-Do not smoke

-Avoid from alcohol.

-Restrain from taking fat foods and oily foods.

-Do not eat bread chips as it increases blood sugar level.

-Should not Skip medication.

-Restrict the use of Processed foods.

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-Diets plan should be calculated and used.

-Avoid using Dalda , Use olive oil instead .

-Add more of salad

-Add more of veggies

-Take 4-5 meals instead of 3 meals in a day

-Increase you exercise capability.

-Try reducing your obesity .

-Eat low Glycaemic Index foods below 50.

So Should we eat Jaggery if you are diabetic?

The answer, is no .

-Because it is high in its glycaemic index and sugary content as well.

-As it comes from, sugaracane only so its has a high sugary content .

-A research suggest that it contains 60-85 % sucrose in it.

And should be completely avoided . So Jaggery should not be taken if you are Diabetic.

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