Vitamin D From Sunlight

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Vitamin D is actually a fat solube vitamin.

Present in body in the form of-

-D2-ergocalciferol &


-They are broken down in the form of Calcitriol in to the body .

-Calcitriol works by increasing the absorption of minerals like Calcium and Phosphate for our bones and health immune system.

Science behind this ?

-Basically the science behind this is that sunlight contains UV B component.

-So the precussor gets converted to Vitamin D3.

-And provide its needful requirements in the body.

Natural source of Vitamin D

-Natural source of vitamin D is none other than Sun.

-Even if you spare time and spend some time under sun it would be more than enough.

-According to a study , for a light skin person they just have to spend 15-20 minutes under sunlight.

-And for a Dark Skin person, they have to spend more time , approx~30-45 minutes under the natural sunlight.

Factors for getting the Maximum Vitamin D from sun.

There are a many factors for Maximum vitamin D absorption –

Day Time – So the skin produces more Vitamin D during the middle of day that is between 11am -4pm .

Amount of Exposed Skin– The more the Skin gets exposed, the more Vitamin D will be produced.

Skin Texture- The more Dark texture of Skin the more amount of time needs to be spent for the Maximum Absorption of Vitamin D.

The Equator Equation

-So those who live near the Equator imaginary line , they tend to have more amount of sunnier weathers.

-Therefore, more amoutof Vitamin D gets absorped.

-Simple as that.

RDA of Vitamin D ?

0-12 months400 IU
400 IU
1-13 years600 IU
600 IU
14-18 years600 IU
600 IU
19-50 years600 IU
600 IU
600 IU
51-70 years600 IU
600 IU
>70 years800 IU
800 IU

Passive sources of vitamin D –

-There are a few foods which contain Vitamin D-

1-Fish-contains 635 IU in 100 grams.

2-Mushroom– contains ~7 IU in 100 grams

3-Cow Milk-contains ~1 IU in 100 grams

4-Cheese-contains ~ 24 IU in 100 grams

5-Yoghurt/Dahi – contains ~1 IU in 100 grams

6-Eggs-contains~87 IU in 100 grams

7-Orange Juice-contains almost negligible . ~1 IU in 100 grams.

Vitamin D deficiency

-Getting proper information about vitamin D as mentioned and if acquiring it according to RDA of it then ,its fine.

-But getting inadequate amount of vitamin D then it might cause problems


2-Some studies suggest that it can also lead to cancer as well.

3-High Blood pressure as well.

4-Multiple Sclerosis.

5- In kids ,it can cause rickets.

6-In adults it can cause , osteoporosis as well.

7- Also , cause less Bone mineral Density.

How to increase Vitamin D ?

According to data and research articles it is found that 80% of vitamin D comes from Sunlight

-And rest 20% comes from the foods and supplements .

-Intake all the fruits,veggies as mentioned above.

-But those who are fully covered such as doctors , physiotherapist

-And all the front line workers are not exposed to sun,so donot get the RDA vitamin D.

-So the best option is Supplementation .

Vitamin D Supplements

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