Post Covid Nutrition:- Do’s and Doesnt’s in it’s meal?

Post covid Nurtition

Proper nutrition along with proper hydration is very much needed in Post covid patients. Especially have Indian ayurvedic substances like turmeric , ashvagandha , garlic , amla, ginger to rule out Covid . Also Chiraita ( Swertia) is also good for immunity and prevents your fever symptoms. Such things boosts your immunity system . The … Read more

Covesheild vs Covaxin:-Detailed Differentiation, Doses, Parameters

The second round of vaccination round has begun in India since May 1. Here you will come to know Covesheild vs Covaxin. Preferably both has good efficacy , but both have different origin . Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for … Read more

Muscle strain in chest is now no threat to you.

Muscle strain in chest

What is Muscle strain in chest. Its causes ,sign and symptoms. Physiotherapy Treatment protocol for muscle strain chest .Chest anatomy as well. Who is more fragile towards it. Cupping therapy and dry needling methods can be a solution to it. Check to find out?

“Health is wealth”1000+ words article You Must read .

exercise for face fat loss

It contains Health is wealth article . More than 1000 words article on Health is wealth.Health is undirectly connected to wealth.Also you will get to know about what is fake wealth and how to get rid off. What is mental health and how to create a balance between wealth and health.