Sattu Powder-The Most Underrated Indian Superfood

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What is Sattu powder ?

It has come mainly from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata and Jharkhand as well.
Basically it is all called the poor man’s protein but now gaining popularity which in increasing day by day.
Also has the power to retain back Atp’s [Adenosine Tri phosphate]in our body thus also termed as “powerhouse of energy.”
Found in many places during this scorching heat as it helps in proper digestion and also prevents it from heat as well prevents it from further damage to body during this summer .
 As sattu powder is easily avaialable in the market.
Another alternative for this is first roast the gram or ‘chana’ at home and allow it to cool for some time.
 Then put the ingredient into grinder and make it into small tiny particles termed as sattu powder.
Now this  can be obtained from 2 sources i.e.
-Gram or chana
One of the easiest way is to make  sharbat.
Made with , onion , lemon juice , black salt,chaat masala then add cold water to it and mix it well in the end add salt accordingly and serve cool to the patients.
For its more good version add sattu powder along with buttermilk and then add salt accordingly.
And serve it cool.

Contents of sattu-

Sattu powder contains high percentage of carbohydrates about 65%,protein about20%,
and fibre about 7% and many other essential ingredients too like rich in iron ,mangenese and low content in sodium thus provides alot of energy.
As it is high in insoluble fibre it is an excellent material for GIT that is gastro intestinal tract  and helps in proper digestion .
Studies states that it also removes the undigested food from the descending colon till the rectum and helps in thus constipation.

Can this be taken as pre-workout?

Talking about pre workout it is a kind of supplement needed for those long activities of exercise or who does intense workout  or any kind of strenous exercise .
And it basically means we require it such to provide energy through out the exercise.
Many studies suggest that it can be the best alternative for it but many do not accept this
As they thin it requires alot of time to digest as it contains insoluble fiber.

Health Advice:-Should definitely try it once.

Personally speaking I definitely add  amazing sattu powder content into my diet and to make it more tasty and mouth watering I also make  parathas out of it.

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