Vegan protein sources

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The best sources of protein for vegetarians:- 

Talking about sources of protein first let’s see what is protein and why is necessary to include protein in an individual meal and diet.
Protein is the structural function or basic unit for muscle building ultimately targeting to increase your strength and endurance of your body.Being present in the cell it is required for us to provide energy while doing the normal activities included in 1’s life.Going more in detail it is made up of amino acids.So what happens when you eat the protein in the food is taken up and the Git breaks it into amino acids for further use.And mainly used for the recovery of body tissues.
Now talking about protein there are many sources to obtain it
plant based protein
animal based protein 
milk based protein

So where when we talk about Vegan protein we will include only 2 groups that is plant and milk based protein into consideration.Plant based protein:

*Quinoa in hindi kinwa
*pulses like- Lentils 
                   -Garden pea
*Nuts and Seeds like – Almonds
                                   -Cashew nuts
                                   -Pumpkin seeds
*peanuts also peanut butter can fulfill the purpose .

Now coming on to Milk based protein :-

Talking about milk it contains mainly 2 ingredients that is whey and casein . Generally whey contributes about 20% and casein that contributes about 80% in it.According to studies both ingredial components constitute all the essential amino acids that are required for the body.

Examples of milk based protein-

*Cow milk or soy milk
*Cottage cheese or paneer
*Yogurt or Dahi
These were the some protein based foods that should always be included in diet until and there is some inconvenience or any kind of disease.
Along with that exercise is also crucial for heart as well your own brain to carry out functions properly.
RDA of protein i.e. the recommended daily allowance for both atheletic as well non atheletic population is 0.8-1.2g/kg of your own body weight.

Health tip :- Always eat a rainbow diet


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